Reading the Texts on Publishing: A New Academic Discipline or Something Else?

Dr. Mihael Kovac
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The paper will analyze the developments in publishing education after it became part of European and American universities. The main question it will ask is whether the publishing education remains to be focused on vocational training regardless the fact that it became part of academic establishment, and as such resembles classical polytechnical education, or has it gained research component and is as such gaining more academic outlook. The paper will look for answers to these questions in the body of texts that were published on book publishing in scientific and professional journals and in the form of monograph between 2003 – 2006. The paper will show that the number of such publications and writings on book publishing is growing. It will analyze both the content of these texts and the background of their authors in order to see whether new research field is being developed in these writings and whether their authors have publishing education background.

Keywords: Book, Publihing, Publishing Education, Publishing Research
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Dr. Mihael Kovac

Department of Library and Information Science, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana
Ljubljana, No state, Slovenia

Miha Kovač is associate professor at Department for Library and Information Science and Book Studies at the university of Ljubljana and editor in chief of the Slovene edition of National Geogpraphic Magazine. His main research interest are contemporary book markets and book and magazine publishing in globalized world. He published a set of papers on book publishing in various itnernational journals.

Ref: B07P0011