The Reinvention of Libraries

José Luis González Quirós
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Libraries have been the greatest record of human memory and knowledge. As the different families of human knowledge continued to grow, libraries became increasingly specialized. This led to the formation of libraries intended for investigation purposes, as well as the creation of new filing devices for scientific knowledge. The digital era has increased our array of filing possibilities; we now can classify and link these documents with authors, critics, readers or other essays, in a more creative manner. This represents a whole new source of knowledge for all kinds of scholars. Digital interfaces will potentially grant an easy access to any sort of document. It will also allow the filing of any document, together with reports from its previous users and readers. This way, documents will be endowed with a greater complexity and notoriety in current discussions. The gap between this whole new world of possibilities and the present status must be filled by reinventing our libraries, making new forms of reading, writing, and communication, possible.

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José Luis González Quirós

Tenured Scientist, Institute of Philosophy, Consejo Superior de Investigación Científica (CSIC, Madrid)

Ref: B07P0110