Evaluatıon of Prımary School Turkısh Books for Creatıve Wrıtıng

Emine Kolaç
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In this research, we aim at evaluating the texts in primary school Turkish coursebooks with regard to their suitability to creative writing principles. Learning is a period which begins with birth and lasts eternally. In this period,primary education is the most important step that basic knowledge and skills are acquired. The foundations established in this period play an important role in the life-long success of a student. In our age which everything change and develop very fastly, we need individuals who can keep pace with that speed, think, question,critisize, produce solutions, look at the future,make up multiple point of views, use the language effectively. Language has two different dimensions; writing and speaking are relaeted to rhetoric ,listening and reading comprehension skill. When compared,writing is a skill that improves later than reading. For its healthy improvement, multiple encouragement is very necessarry. In this respect, in order for students to state their feelings, thoughts, imagines freely, teaching curriculum, instructors, family, books and the text boks used in the native language courses have important responsibilities. In this study we investigate fulfil the responsibilities that they are supposed to? Thus, the texts found in primary school 1 to 8 grade coursebooks are evaluated with regard to creative writing principles.

Keywords: Primary education, Coursebooks, Creative writing
Stream: Books, Writing and Reading
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Emine Kolaç

İnstructor, Education Faculty, Anadolu University
Eskişehir, Turkey

I am an instructor at Anadolu University Education Faculty Primary Education Department. I am interested in books,reading, reading comprehension skill, creative writing, literacy, early literacy, multiple intelligences theory and cooperative learning.

Ref: B07P0112