Community and Communion: Books as Communal Artefacts in the Digital Age

Dr. Yasmin Ibrahim,
Dr. Nichola Smith
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Books have been both a part of communal imagination and a focal point for communion. This paper examines books as communal and cultural artefacts prior to the advent of the Internet by tracing the notion of imagined and physical ‘communities’ that have emerged through reading, sharing and ownership of books. The paper also compares the myriad forms which the book acquires in the digital age and how these can challenge the conventional notions of community with the emergence of new media ‘sociabilities’ and networks.’

Keywords: Community, Communion, Imagined Communities, Networks and Interactivity
Stream: Information Society, and Print and Electronic Texts
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Community and Communion

Dr. Yasmin Ibrahim

Senior Lecturer, Media and Information Studies, University of Brighton
Moulsecomb, Brighton, UK

Dr. Nichola Smith

Prinicpal Lecturer, Division of Information and Media Studies, University of Brighton
Brighton, Sussex, UK

Ref: B07P0120