Students’ Attitudes Toward Book and e-Book: The Case of Greek Students

Dr. Sofia D. Anastasiadou,
Amalia Papa
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Books are not liked and rarely used by students. Moreover many students had negative attitudes toward books. “I hate books” and “Why all books are not put on line” are a frequent reaction among students. A validated questionnaire measuring attitudes toward books and e-books was administered to 291 male and 287 female first year students of the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki in Greece during the first week of second semester in the academic year 2006-07. The objective was to test the hypothesis that e-books positively affect students' attitudes toward reading. The methods used for the analysis of data were the implicative statistical analysis and the principal components analysis. The results of the study reveal that students have initially a more positive attitude toward e-book. Books were seen as boring a rather old-fashioned. In addition, some demographic characteristics indicate distinctions among the attitudes of students. Specifically, students owning computers have initially a much more positive attitude toward e-book.

Keywords: Books, e-Books, Students Attitudes
Stream: Books, Writing and Reading
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Students’ Attitudes toward Book and e-Book

Dr. Sofia D. Anastasiadou

Lecturer, Department of Preeschool Education, University of West Macedonia
Florina, Frorina, Greece

Sofia Anastasiadou holds a BSc from the Department of Mathematics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece, a Master degree in Mathematics Education from Surrey University of Kingston in Great Bretagne. She has obtained her Ph.D in Multidimetional Statistical Analysis at the Macedonia University of Thessaloniki in Greece.
She is currently a Lecturer of Applied Statistics and Educational Research in the Department of Preschool Education at the University of Western Macedonia in Greece. Apart form Statistics and Mathematics Education in Primary, Secondary and Higher Education her research interests are also focused in the Analysis and Interpretation of Multivariate Data for Social Science. Sofia Anastasiadou has published several papers in Greek, European and International Scientific Journals.

Amalia Papa

Teacher of Chemistry, TEI KOZANIS, Techological Institute of Kozani
Kozani, Greece

Amalia Papa is teacher of Chemistry in Techological Institute of Kozani, in Greece. She has done alot of reseach in the field of Pedagogy.

Ref: B07P0124