Librarians' Work Today: Any Questions? Librarians go from Gatekeepers to Gateways

Justine Rutherford,
Pamela Streeter
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In the past it has been the role of teachers and librarians to hold open the doors to the world of information; to invite children in to explore a selection of resources prepared in advance and assured for quality and relevance. Now it seems information is everywhere, available anytime to everyone. With little preparation, no pre-selected menu and no-one to point out the right direction, who helps the learner navigate the information landscape? Two major institutions within New Zealand’s education sector have joined together to explore this emerging issue. In its work around curriculum development the Ministry of Education is exploring ‘information literacy’: What is it? How is it taught? How is it learnt? Meanwhile the National Library: Services for Young New Zealanders is questioning the role of the school librarian: Is it time to shift the focus from the book to the reader? What is lost in this transition? Jointly these two bodies have initiated a programme to support students in developing their competencies in information literacy. gives all New Zealand school children their own free online expert who will guide them through millions of internet pages to locate quality information to support their learning. This workshop will offer participants the opportunity to question and challenge this initiative, with the hope that group input will support further developments in the teaching and learning of information literacy. Within the workshop we will present an exercise requiring participants to express their ideas around the role of the librarian in 2020.

Keywords: Information Literacy, Information Landscape, Librarian, Teacher, Education
Stream: Libraries
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Justine Rutherford

Team Leader: Curriculum Support, Schooling Group, Ministry of Education
Wellington, New Zealand

As Team Leader: Curriculum Support for New Zealand’s Ministry of Education, my role is to lead the ministry’s publication and curriculum resourcing programme. The position sees me progressing the strategic framework which surrounds the supply of free print and online resources to all New Zealand classrooms. Questions I currently face include: How to balance a need for both print and online resourcing? What are the implications of the democratisation of knowledge? What is the role of the government in the supply of texts for schools? My work allows me to bring my knowledge of curriculum and pedagogy to conversations with librarians, publishers and education researchers. My background is in education and I begun my career teaching in a primary classroom. Before joining the Ministry of Education I lectured in professional studies to trainee teachers at the Auckland College of Education.

Pamela Streeter

Affiliation not supplied

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