A Document Structure to Support Multimodal Representation of Mathematics

Dr. Jackson Carvalho
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A document structure based on an authoring model which addresses the user needs as a fundamental requirement is proposed. The model is organized around a scope mechanism that allows the mapping between semantics and syntax to be modified at any time during authoring. This process supports the dynamic characteristics of the meaning-to-syntax binding necessary during the authoring of matematical concepts. Multi-purpose documents are supported by a semantics-based mark-up that porvides the possibility for mathematical concepts to be processed according to the specific requirements of applications.

Keywords: Document Authoring, Multi-Purpose Documents, Semantis-Based Markup
Stream: Information Society, and Print and Electronic Texts
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
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Dr. Jackson Carvalho

Assistant Professor, Physical and Computational Science, University of Pittsburgh
Bradford, PA, USA

My educational background involves both electrical engineering (Master's degree) and computer science (Phd). My work experience includes teaching computer science in Brazil, Canada and in the United States. As a resersher my interests are in the fields of document processing and human-computer interaction, specifically in the definition of document structures to support the semantics capturing of mathematical concepts by means of user-defined syntax.

Ref: B07P0142