The Bookarts Work of Sailorboypress: The Politics of Content

Jeffrey Morin
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Jeffrey Morin is Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. He established sailorBOYpress with a mission to produce limited-edition, letterpress books about the AIDS pandemic, homosexuality in society, and the reinterpretation of classic art and religious themes in order to create modern voices for historical dialogues. Prof. Morin will present on the latest creative project for the press: the reinterpretation of the Stations of the Cross to address the stages of denial, realization, and reconciliation for one faced with an AIDS diagnosis. Another work included in the presentation will highlight collaboration in Martyr, Murder, & Rooster, a joint project with Caren Heft of Arcadian press. This trilogy includes the subjects of suicide bombers, AIDS in Africa, and industrial mercury poisoning. This presentation will integrate the work of sailorBOYpress into the modern book arts movement in the Unites States.

Keywords: Letterpress, Book Arts, sailorBOYpress, Social and Political Content, Private Press, Fine Press, Small Press, Artists' Books, Typography
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Paper: Bookarts Work of Sailorboypress, The

Jeffrey Morin

Dean, College of Fine Arts and Communication, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA

Jeffrey Morin initially joined the College of Fine Arts and Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point as a member of the graphic design faculty. He is also the proprietor of sailorBOYpress which was established in 1983. The press produces primarily limited-edition books on handmade or altered paper and in the letterpress tradition. Morin’s work is in roughly 100 public collections around the world, including the Victoria and Albert Museum and The Smithsonian. He is currently working on a project related to the Stations of the Cross.

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