The Modern Marketing Textbook-Adding Educational Value: Textbook as an Augmented Product

George Masikunas
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This article investigates the “augmented marketing textbook”, especially the educational value that digital, supplementary materials offer to provision of higher education marketing modules in VLE platforms. Marketing textbooks have been transformed over time to provide a richer set of complementary learning materials as educational needs and educational tools of technology have permitted. This article investigates an area new to educational research and holds interest for marketing lecturers and textbook publishers, geared to digital content that is compatible for importing into VLE platforms. It focuses on the educational impacts that arise from using publishers’ third party material (PMTP) to supplement marketing textbooks. Our pilot study arose from on our experience of using PMTP, based on using the same marketing textbook, to Year 1 students at four partner colleges. After creating a relevant literature review for this “newer area”, PTPM is defined followed by a discussion about its potential benefits, ending with our reasons for importing it in digital cartridge format into a VLE module. The findings showed the types of PTPM content students preferred and their reasons for using them. Unexpectedly, a link was established between the pedagogic styles of marketing lecturers and it effect on students’ use of PTPM and on students’ average performance scores. We concluded that the use of PTPM in marketing VLE modules had strong appeal for marketing students and can affect their outcome performance. The introduction of PTPM had the potential to change the pedagogic style of marketing lecturers. We identify follow-up areas of research, such as: “The quasi-buying process” that marketing lecturers engage in when selecting a main, recommended textbook.”, and “What models explain the relationship between pedagogic styles and the ‘enriched textbook’?”

Keywords: Marketing Education, Marketing Textbooks, Publishers’ Third Party Materials (PTPM) Or Textbook Supplementary Content, Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Pedagogic Styles
Stream: Educational Resources and Learning
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
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George Masikunas

Principal Lecturer in Marketing, School of Marketing
Faculty of Business, Kingston University

Kingston Upon Thames, UK

Various degrees: BA, Dip. Comm., Dip. Ed., MA (Ed.)
Post HE full-time: worked for various companies, medium and mainly large-sized ones. Did consultancy work with SMEs and to educational institutions.
Worked full-time at Kingston University for over 20 years to-date.
In the past two-years have been become engaged in research projects, attending conferences and getting published.

Ref: B07P0151