The "Secrets of Biblioland” Interactive Game: An Innovative Approach to Information Literacy

Elena Moschini
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The presentation will introduce an innovative approach to information literacy in higher education. "The Secrets of Biblioland “is a Flash-based game designed to engage students in an adventure game that will lead the players across a variety of ancient and contemporary libraries. “The Secrets of Biblioland” is an educational interactive game designed to enable undergraduate and postgraduate students to develop information literacy skills and awareness of the historical developments of scholarship and publishing, the role of libraries and knowledge repositories, the value of literature research, cataloguing resources, using libraries and searching engines, appropriate referencing. The gamer plays as a student embarking on an adventure to seek the "lost reference". The game journey takes the gamer/learner through a number of fantasy libraries - each library constituting a level in the game. Students are also confronted with the evolution of writing and writing technologies from the ancient scrolls and the illuminated manuscripts to the modern databases. This project emerges from the experience of teaching research methods to undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled on Digital Media courses at the Department of Applied Social Science (London Metropolitan University). Students are now accustomed to the digital world of the Internet and seem to struggle with paper-based resources and with the understanding of the value of book and libraries. The game is designed to explore the history and developments of information management tools from ancient libraries to the current digital information technologies to allow students to fully appreciate the role of such tools in the development of knowledge and understanding of the modern world. The presentation will discuss issues on how to engage a new generation of learners with text, books and other forms of published materials and how to embed and use interactive media to build a bridge between the past and the future of publishing, writing and reading. The presentation will also explore issues on digital game-based learning resources and the relationship with e-learning and traditional learning tools.

Keywords: Information Literacy, Digital Game-based Learning, History of Libraries, Educational Interactive Game, E-learning
Stream: Educational Resources and Learning
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Elena Moschini

Senior Lecturer in Digital Media, Deparment of Applied Social Sciences, London Metropolitan University
London, UK

Elena Moschini is a Senior Lecturer in Digital Media and Communications Technology and the MA Digital Media course leader at London Metropolitan University. Before joining the university she has worked in the multimedia industry in Switzerland, Italy and the UK, managing and developing a number of interactive projects. She has expertise in the development of e-learning resources and games for education. Her research interests include: game design, game-based learning, game audiences, the game industry, e-learning, digital media management.
She is a member of: the Higher Education Academy (UK), the Learning Technology Research Institute (London Metropolitan University, UK), the International Game Developer Association (IGDA), the Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA, the Group for Research in Interactive Media(London Metropolitan University, UK).

Ref: B07P0156