The Field of Dreams or as Good as it Gets: Technology's Impact on Teaching in Higher Education

Dr David Lawson
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Faculty have historitcally been the gatekeepers and protectors of knowledge and information. As gatekeepers, their academic roles clearly encouraged protectionistic attitudes thus providing meaning and purpose. As technology became more pronounced and particularly as information became readily available through information outlets, facutly have wrestled with an identity crisis. Because technology has eroded the gatekeeper role, many faculty have been forced to re-evaluate their identity as academics and have been challenged to recreate a position in which they still maintain a knowledge edge over technology and the students they teach. Compounding this, many faculty are encouraged to use the same instrument, technology, that caused their identity consfusion, thus creating ambiguous feelings. This session reviews the changing role of faculty in academia as they adapt to the new positions, the use of information synthesis and wisdom in the classroom as well as the opportunities to work synergistically with technology in the transformative learning process.

Keywords: Education, Technology, Roles, Information
Stream: Information Society, and Print and Electronic Texts
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Dr David Lawson

Professor, Counseling Psychology, Palm Beach Atlantic University
Orlando, Florida, USA

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