Digital Printing: The Answer to Publishing Industry Challenges

Jesús Medina
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In the first place we will analyze the actual situation of Spain´s publishing industry, giving a quick vision of the main statistics indicators (number of titles by year, average circulation, commercial life of products, Latin America market, etc.). Another important subjects are Book's e-commerce, on demand printing versus storage, and Virtual Libraries . More specifically, we will look towards very short print run and micropublishing as ways to reduce risks in publishing industry. Finally, we will discuss digital printing for technical and teaching books and the flexibility it offers to frequent updating of these books.

Keywords: Digital Printing, e-commerce, Virtual Libraries, Flexibility
Stream: Books, Writing and Reading
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Jesús Medina

Director, Business Development Department, Grupo Rafael
Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Jesús M. Medina has a Bachelor's Degree im Computing. During his career he has worked in Anaya Group, in the area of new technologies, where he was in charge of the training plans for the Book Editors Federation for three years, developing this task from Publish (Delibros Group). After that he worked at Xerox as the Graphics Arts Solutions Director, participating in the development and implementation of some of the most important digital printing centres in Spain. He has also given many lectures on digital printing and new technologies all over Europe and the US. At present he directs the Business Development department at Grupo Rafael, spanish company which is pioneer in the area of Design, Printing and Digital Photography services for the publishing sector.

Ref: B07P0162