Books in the Digital World

Ana Nistal
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The book industry opens its arms to the digital technology of production processes, expectantly observes the new proposals about on-demand edition, and looks with scepticism the innovations related to e-book or e-ink models and it watches with distrust the increasing distribution over Internet. The books have been always more attached to the media, the paper, than other cultural contents like music or video; this dependency has allowed a moratorium in the revolution that shakes, by the hand of Internet, to practically all the cultural industries. Nevertheless, something is changing and faster than foreseen. Digital libraries are a reality, the media for digital reading improves and the mentality of the users changes. Technology that supports the traditional business is welcome. What happens when this technology begins to undermine the foundations of the well-known business model?

Keywords: e-Book, e-Ink, Book Industry, Internet, Web 2.0, Business Model
Stream: Books, Writing and Reading
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Ana Nistal

IT Director, Dirección de Administración Electrónica, Informática y Comunicaciones de la Comunidad de Madrid
Madrid, Spain

Expert in Information Technologies and Internet digital contents. She has working for more than 15 years in web development projects, as well as in research international projects of reuse of digital documentation, metadata systems in digital media, standards, semantic webs, etc. In the last years, she is specialized in new technologies around cultural digital contents and media, both technical and business model approach. She has led the (digital heritage) Spanish national programme and the Digital Archive of Local Administrations. Also, she has participated as assessor to various Spanish institutions related to digital culture. Nowadays, she leads the Digital Library Project of the Comunidad de Madrid.

Ref: B07P0170