Digitisation of Printing Media and Pattern of Culture Transitivity: Digital Content Publishing in China

Jie Chen
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There are several important technical changes in the human history. Every technology has revolutionary meanings to media development. We are in the throes of a Third Industrial Revolution – that of new information and communication technologies–associated with a change in knowledge systems and patterns. The new forms of media represent the age of digitisation of printing media is coming, such as mobile phone newspaper, electronic book, electronic journal, etc. The theory of the pattern of culture transitivity is propounded by a famous anthropologist named Margaret Mead in Culture and Commitment. The knowledge comes down from the rising generation to their forbears in Post-figurative Culture. The reading population has grown by multiples due to increase of the internet population, and emergence of different kinds of new media. E-learning has been integrated into the schools. The parents have to communicate the knowledge from the rising generation. Besides, the mode of culture production is influenced by the pattern of culture transitivity.In China, in order to avoid all the physical costs associated with books and accelerate the speed of publishing industry development, the government has decided to start digital content publishing program in the next five years' plan.Lot of cases and data about Chinese digital content industry will be analysed.

Keywords: Printing Media, Digital Content Publishing
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Jie Chen

Doctoral Researcher, Journalism School
Communication University of China

Beijing, China

Chen Jie(Jessie Chen) is a PhD student of Publishing at Communication University of China. Her many papers include Digital Bookfair in Future(2006),Translation Works Publishing in China History (2006), How to Educate Persons with Ability on Publishing (2006),The Strategis of University Press Development in the Digital Age(2006),etc.

Since 2005 She has been studying on Publishing for applying doctor's degree. Her superviser is Liu Binjie who is the vice minister of the General Administration of Press and Publication of P.R. China (GAPP).Professor Liu is the main leader of pubishing innovation and digital content publishing industry in China.

Chen Jie is currently working on her research which is focused on digital content publishing.

Ref: B07P0003