Books are Wonderful, but can Americans Read them? Forms of Illiteracy in American Culture

Dr. Carol Apt
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Books can open up vast new worlds, but if few people can read them, the knowledge and understanding they offer lie dormant. Functional and other forms of illiteracy are on the rise in the US, with devastating consequences. This presentation will examine the rates of illiteracy in the US, with special attention paid to racial, class and geographic differences. The causes of illiteracy, as well as possible solutions, will also be considered.

Keywords: Illiteracy, Functional Illiteracy, Race, Class, Geography
Stream: Educational Resources and Learning
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Dr. Carol Apt

Associate Professor, Department of Social Sciences, South Carolina State University
Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA

Dr. Apt is an Associate Professor of Sociology at South Carolina State University. She has over 25 years experience teaching students of diverse backgrounds, and has taught a variety of subjects, including Sociology, Human Sexuality, French and Spanish. For the last decade she has concentrated on teaching Hispanic and African-American students in the United States.

Ref: B07P0037