eBooks in Jordanian Academic Libraries: Survey and Analytical Study

Dr. Hassan Ahmad Momani
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The state of the art of all ebooks collections available in Jordanian academic libraries will be thouroughly surveyed, analyzed and dicussed in this study. Dicuss the provision of ebooks within the collections of academic libraries in Jordan. Encourage these libraries to include this type of books in their collection development policies in the future. Enhance the use of this type of books and encourage different types of users to seize the opportunity to make use of this type of library collections to the best possible way.

Keywords: eBooks, Academic Libraries, Collection Development
Stream: Libraries
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Dr. Hassan Ahmad Momani

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Jordan University of Science and Technology

Irbid, Jordan

MLS and PhD in library and information science from American universities. Involved in the field of library and information science since 1985. Teaching differnet library and information science courses in a number of Jordanian universities along with supervising and directing an academic library. Interested in digital libraries services, specially in academic settings.

Ref: B07P0057