More Than The Medium: The Unique Role of Content in User Perception of Interactivity

Dr. James P. Gleason
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While considerable communication literature rightly recognizes the importance of technology on user perception of interactivity, little attention has been paid to the unique manner in which content itself influences each receiver’s perception. It does so in a manner independent of the particular technology or medium used to communicate these messages. The continued examination of interactivity is vitally important with the ongoing transition of published content to digital media. This paper posits that, far from being a concrete absolute, interactivity is actually a highly complex and subjective construct. Interactivity refers to the perception of a positive outcome state resulting from the integration of individual receiver characteristics, substantive (interactive) technological features, and reactive content during mutual and reciprocal message exchanges. This paper examines the nature of interactivity, content's contribution to the interactive communication process, and how it uniquely influences communication outcomes. The central role of content within this process has not previously been examined in communication literature.

Keywords: Interactivity, Interactive, Content, New Media, Digital Media, user perception
Stream: Information Society, and Print and Electronic Texts
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Dr. James P. Gleason

Visiting Instructor, Department of Communication, Eastern Kentucky University
Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Jim Gleason is a Visiting Instructor in the Department of Communication at Eastern Kentucky University. His areas of interest include new media, public relations, advertising and graphic design. He has held executive positions with Lexmark International and a number of Kentucky-based new media and advertising firms including Buzzword, Kentucky Business Online and Meridian Communications. He is accredited as a Public Relations practitioner (APR) by the Public Relations Society of America and is a frequent lecturer on new media, business communication, advertising and public relations. He received his BA in Education and MS in Educational Media from the State University of New York at New Paltz. He is currently a PhD candidate in Communication at the University of Kentucky.

Ref: B07P0070