The Electronic Private Library (EPL)

Dr. Shahriar Movafaghi
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The EPL is a comprehensive system that integrates several electronic educational tools used to access electronic books and periodicals. The focus of this paper is higher education electronic tools and how they can be integrated with EPL. The business model using United States text book publishing companies is discussed. The proposed business model, with appropriate modifications beneficial to publishing companies as well as students, is discussed. Since used text books do not generate revenue streams for publishing companies, some US publishing companies produce different editions of the same book every year or two so that they can maintain a continuous revenue stream from popular text books. The EPL will not only avoid publication of unnecessary editions, it will also make it possible for students who finish school and start their professional career to locate, store and access books, notes, related class videos, and appropriate recorded lectures. The users will be able to keep all materials in the EPL and to access materials in the future.

At this time it is possible to synchronize the video of a lecture with the notes a student takes in class. This information can be stored on the EPL. This paper also discusses intellectual property rights for publications, professors’ materials and other proprietary information.

Keywords: Electronic Private Library, eBook
Stream: Educational Resources and Learning
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Dr. Shahriar Movafaghi

Associate Professor, Information Technology, School of Business, Southern New Hampshire University
Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

Ref: B07P0076