A Knowledge-based View Book Publishing: A Kenyan Based Perspective

Dr. Robert Kagiri Mwihia
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The publishing industry is in effect a knowledge management process whereby knowledge is shared and made public, and in the case of commercial publishing, the main asset leveraged is intellectual such as copyrights and imprints. To remain competitive, book publishers need to manage the flow of knowledge more efficiently and as a result, knowledge management strategies are increasingly becoming the critical ingredient for success. Nonaka & Takeuchi (1995) argue that the companies of the future will live in an environment where markets are continuously shifting, and uncertainty will be the only certainty that remains. As a result, adoption of knowledge-based systems and concepts such as Communities of Practice (CoPs)will be key to sustained competitiveness. This study examines how indigenous Kenyan book publishers can use a knowledge-based approach to remain competitive both locally and in the global market. Key findings will be particularly relevant to indigenous African and other developing nations' publishers.

Keywords: Knowledge Management, Strategy, Competitive Advantage
Stream: Publishing
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Dr. Robert Kagiri Mwihia

Doctoral Student, School of Business, University of Nairobi
Nairobi, Kenya

Currently final year Strategic Management Ph.D. student. Have extensive training and experience in the publishing and printing industry. Academic areas of interest are Strategy, Investment, knowledge Management and Publishing.

Ref: B07P0085