Academic Life and Access to Publishing Facilities in Ghana: A Case Study

Prof. Yaw Sekyi-Baidoo
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Academic life is characterised by the search for and dissemination of information, which directly or indirectly contribute to human development. Whereas the Government of Independence made efforts to promote research and facilities for the publication of researched material, the situation has changed drastically over the last three decades, with little or no sponsorship for the publication of academic material, except the once of purely business orientation.
The paper discussed the problems of publication which the Ghanaian academic, and indeed academics of many developing countries face. It traces sponsorship and access to publication since the independence days to the current situation, and pays particular attention to the activities of public-owned (including church-owned) houses over the years of their existence.
The paper also discussed the current publications on the market, looking at their orientation, target and sponsorship, and relates these to the publication of academic material. It also looks at opportunities for virtual publications in Ghana.
The presentation concludes that for effective encouragement to academic life, there is the need for enhancement in sponsorship, and public attitude to reading.

Keywords: Publishing Houses, Academic Publications
Stream: Publishing
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Prof. Yaw Sekyi-Baidoo

Senior Lecturer in English, Dean of Faculty, Faculty of Languages Education, University of Education
Winneba, Central, Ghana

Born 1965. Hold M.Phil degrees in African Literature and English form the University of Ghana, Legon and the University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast respectively. Have been teaching at University of Education since 1996 and have been Head of the Department of Ghanaian Languages and thereafter Dean of the Faculty. Research and teaching area include Sociolinguisitcs, Discourse Analysis and Pragmatics, Communicative Use of English, Stylistics, and Reading

Ref: B07P0092