Public Relations Academic Journals: Traditional Citations Eclipsed by Electronic Sources?

Dr. Maggie Thomas
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Public relations researchers may find it increasingly difficult to use traditional sources of information from printed journals. Several factors - the increasing costs of publishing academic journals, fees for mailing printed journals to libraries and individual subscribers, and motivating authors to maintain their subscriptions to academic journals that continue to request higher membership fees - may hinder public relations researchers from contining to conduct research using printed materials. This study examines trends since 2000 in leading public relations academic journals to determine if authors are relying more on electronic sources for their research. The value of sources - the traditional print versions compared to electronic transmissions - cited in research studies also will be evaluated.

Keywords: Print Versions, Public Relations Academic Journals, Published Sources, Electronic Information, Public Relations Researchers, Costs
Stream: Educational Resources and Learning
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Dr. Maggie Thomas

Associate Professor, Division of Advertising and Public Relations, Schieffer School of Journalism, Texas Christian University
Madrid, Spain

Dr. Maggie Thomas teaches Global Advertising and Public Relations at the TCU London Centre during the summers terms in addition to her responsibilites as an associate professor in the Division of Advertising and Public Relations in the Schieffer School of Journalism at Texas Christian University. Dr. Thomas has traveled to numerous international cities to help establish relationships with colleagues at universities as well as to discuss various research projects. You may contact her at

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